Welcome to Our Ranch

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Bill & Melanie WoodyWoody Acres Ranch sits in the heart of the Willamette Valley on the outskirts of the town of Newberg, OR. Our little ranch is a busy place! We raise horses, dogs and cattle on the property and offer a number of services to the public. Whether you’re looking for your next Reining prospect or need help training your dog, want to board your horse in a clean, safe environment with a beautiful arena to work in or just looking for high-quality, grass-fed beef, you’ll find it all at Woody Acres Ranch!


In our well-kept barn we offer a few stalls to the public for boarding horses. Be sure to check out what we offer for your horse on our Boarding Page.

We raise and train Belgian Malinois and American Quarter Horses on our Ranch. We offer training classes/services for your dogs regardless of breed in the dog sport of French Ring from a trainer with  almost 30 years of dog training based around the protection, military and police style. We breed, offer stud services, sell and train Belgian Malinois. Be sure to check out our Dog Pages for more information.