Belgian Malinois Stud Dogs


Demo_069Demo is a very strong male with very high drives, full hard bite and a strong “bark and hold” that intensifies with pressure. He is extremely athletic and a great jumper for such a large dog.

Demo is also very stable and social with both people and other dog’s. He is a medium to large dog at 25″ and varies between 75 to 78 pounds.

Demo will be a phenomenal French Ring dog with his combination of full, hard grips, drive, character, athleticism, and blazing fast entries. Keep an eye on this up and coming Malinois.

Accomplishments: CSAU, Training for FR Brevet and FRI, PSA, Herding

Pedigree Certificate




Havok_standingHavok is a strong male, with high drives, a full very hard grip, stable and social personality, and excellent jumper. Strong barking/guarding, he has a civil streak and gets stronger with pressure.

When not working he has a calm demeanor with a good on/off switch. He is very clear in the head when working. Medium sized, 25 inches and 65-68 lbs.

Although Havok is an excellent competition dog with his combination of grip, drive, character, entry, biddability and altheletic ability, due to the injuries incured through a dog pack attack when young, Havok has been retired from competition rather than asking him to perform FRII and FRIII level jumps.

Accomplishments: FRI, SchH BH, RN, PT, HCTs, CGC, CSAU, HOT
2009 NARA FRI Championship Cup 2nd place




ArekArek is a strong male, with a good guard instinct. He has a stable and social personality, and is very confident of himself in public. He loves human contact and is a wonderful, protective family dog.

He is very active and playful, always on the go, pushing people into tugs of war given a chance. He is a large Malinois at 26″ and 70-75 pounds.

Arek started training around 2½ years old, showing a lot of interest. He learns quickly, demonstrating ability and intelligence. He performs obedience easily and happilly, wagging his tail.

Arek loves to jump, he is performing all ring obstacles at minimums while learning their proper execution. His retrieve drive is almost compulsive: he likes to retrieve just about anything to hand. Arek’s bite work is progressing great, with full, calm, and solid grips, arm or leg, with no stick or gun issue.

Accomplishments: CSAU, looking forward to French Ring Brevet and FRI qualification in 2013

Pedigree Certificate