Our Testimonials

Read what people have to say about Bill Woody and his dogs.


“I first met Bill Woody at a French Ring demo almost 20 years ago, and shortly after we began to train together. Bill was instrumental in helping me maintain and improve the training on my competition dog Enzo – FRIII (the highest level of competition in French Ring) and also was one of the main foundation decoys for Calice du Dantero, one of if not the most titled female Malinois in the United States, her accomplishments include: FRII, PSA1, SchH BH, CD, HCTs, HIAs, HTDIs, HRDIs, TFE-I, FDCh-G, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F, CGC, Major pointed/Best of Breed.

  • 2003 NARA FRI Vice Champion
  • Multiple Herding High in Trials and Reserve High in Trials
  • First Breeder/HOT FRII Female in NARA history
  • #6 Belgian Malinois 2007 AKC Herding Rankings
  • 1st Place Novice Agility (Alt Breed) 2008 WPTCA National Championship
  • 1st Place Open Obedience (Alt Breed) and HIT Obed (All Breeds) 2008 WPTCA National Championship
  • High in Trial Alternate Breed 2008 WPTCA National Championship

But Bill’s knowledge and expertise is not just in working with high level competition dogs, but dogs that work in the real world, doing herding work, police work, and also as well behaved family companions and protectors. Bill is an excellent trainer who knows how to read a dog, and understands that each dog is an individual; a “cookie cutter” approach will not work for every dog. His experience level with a wider variety of breeds has also played into the knowledge necessary to tailor training to each individual dog.

I would highly recommend Bill for anyone looking for training from family companion to high level competition dogs, with his help and guidance; you will achieve your goals.”


“My fiancée and I bought a Malinois from Bill Woody in January ’12 (Quick’s single pup) and we couldn’t have been more happy with the experience. Bill Woody took extra care in dealing with our puppy. We drove up to Woody Acres Ranch to pick up our puppy and we were very pleased with the conditions there. It was very clean and conducive to stimulating our new puppy. We highly recommend Woody Acres Ranch. —

“I have been training dogs professionally since 1993 and have known and trained with Bill many of those years. Bill’s practical approach to training and insight into what an individual dog needs at specific points of its development is really second to none.

Bill has been a certified French Ring Decoy and a training decoy for many years but that in itself is not what separates Bill from all the other so called “Sport/Protection Trainers” out there. What sets Bill apart is his true understanding of what motivates dogs to work. He looks at each dog and assesses strong points and weak points and then develops a plan specific to that dog which will enable them to excel.

He truly understands what it takes to mold that 10 week old puppy into a well rounded and safe sport/protection dog that can be part of your family. In my opinion if you are looking to train a dog for PSA, French Ring, Mondio, Belgian Ring or Personal protection in the Northwest this is the man to see.”

“One of Bill’s strengths is that he can not only communicate to you verbally what he wants to see, but he can show you how to achieve it. Being able to do both really empowers you to reach your goals. Bill doesn’t live in the past of what he has accomplished. He lives in the present of what he can get you and your dog to do.

To watch what Bill can do with a messed-up dog — some are real train wrecks — is amazing. Then he gets you to do it. It’s just something you need to see. Bill definitely puts more into the dogs than he gets back.

Once you have experienced training with Bill, you won’t want to train anywhere else. I know this because this is my story about going to Bill for training.”

“Many years ago in Belgium, I trained several Malinois for the ring and was the #2 training decoy for the club; I also decoyed for trial meetings. Unfortunately, my professional life took me away from the sport for a long time.

Now, times have changed and I recently acquired a 2½ years old Malinois with a great disposition and potential but quite raw as far as training goes. I was so lucky to find Bill Woody with his natural instinct in understanding a dog and his ability to re-train this “old-style” trainer/handler in the current methods without bruising any ego.

After just a few months, incredible progress has been made: obedience is falling into place, prey drive is up several notches, and my dog may be ready for a brevet before the end of the year.

Thank you Bill.”

“I was introduced to the Malinois breed in 2004 to one of Kadi Thingvall’s dogs and from that point I was totally hooked. I then did more research into the world of the Malinois and no matter how much I read and what site I read from I kept going back to Kadi’s Dantero website. So the day we spotted WR Bailey du Dantero on the Woody Acres Ranch website we knew she was the one for us.

We made the call, spoke with Bill Woody who was completely informative and like his partner in this breeding Kadi Thingvall, he had a no nonsense, no fluff, honest approach. We made the 8 hour drive to go visit with Bill, his wife Melanie, and of course Bailey only 2 days before her first birthday.

Bill welcomed us right into his home where we met Bailey and Quick, another of Kadi’s dogs. Bailey was a little shy at first but warmed right up. We all went out to Bill’s training arena, he began to show us what Bailey had learned so far and she happily performed each task just like he’d written in her description on the website.

The way Bill worked with Bailey and her reactions showed us that he truly understood her specific wants and needs. We believe Bill’s passion and dedication to each individual dog is definitely what helped form the building blocks to the amazing friend and family member Bailey is today. He explained to us how important it really was that we get her into a good training program as soon as we could as well he even offered his help to locate a good trainer if we couldn’t.

Since the beginning of this journey Bill has been just a phone call away, always eager to assist us with information and help in any way possible. Needless to say Bailey was just the right one for us. After spending a couple hours with her we sealed the deal, loaded her right up into our vehicle and made the trek back home with our new friend.

It only took Bailey a week or two to become fully acclimated to us and her new environment. We kept her with us for about a month and a half and played/worked with her everyday. We took Bill’s advice, we spent no time or expense to get Bailey into a proper training program and wouldn’t you figure Bill and the trainer know each other. Everyone in the Malinois world that we’ve come to know has commented on Bailey and what a wonderful dog she is. Thank you Bill for everything but especially for building the essential foundation to Bailey’s well being and program.

Bailey is doing such a great job in her training program. She will be home around July 24, 2013 and she will have her very first title, the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title! We can not wait for her return as well we are so excited to hopefully be blessed with a new male pup/monster in September.”

Thank you Bill & Melanie Woody! 

“I met Bill Woody a few years ago. I was working my bulldog for Protection Sports Association (PSA). I had earned a PDC (Protection Dog Certificate) with the dog through PSA, but I was finding more and more difficult to control him. He had been worked in defense and saw everyone as a potential threat. He could not be approached safely by strangers and was particularly unsure of men. I was new to bite sports and was at a loss as to what I should do. The training I was familiar with was compulsion based and seemed to make the problems worse. I was looking at the very real possibility that this dog might bite someone and have to be destroyed.

The first time I went to train with Bill my bulldog was so shut down and unsure he wouldn’t even engage with a decoy. At the time I felt sure that this dog would never work again. Bill Woody saved this dog. He went right back to the basics to build the dog up. He activated a prey drive that I wasn’t even aware existed. Bill brought the joy of working back in this dog and I can’t thank him enough for that.

Bill’s years of experience as a French Ring decoy give him a unique perspective when he works with a dog. He can think of new ways to address long standing problems and the results are nothing short of amazing. The change in my dog is extraordinary. It would not have been possible without Bill Woody. I would recommend him as a trainer to anyone that wants to see better performance from their dog.”

“There are not many US Groenendaels participating in ring sport and I was warned by friends that some trainers don’t have much respect for the breed. But Bill Woody has made me feel like my dogs have as much chance as any other beginners in the sport.

Bill’s other students are great and everyone is supportive of each other’s dogs. I’m learning approaches to motivation and control from Bill that are also helping me in other activities such as agility and AKC obedience. I feel lucky to have such an experienced trainer only 90 minutes from home.”

“Protection training a working dog takes a lot more then a willingness to get into a bite suit (Although you need that too!). To cultivate the different drives a working dog has in the correct balance to end up with a stable, obedient and powerful dog takes skill and patience. Bill Woody has both. He is excellent at reading dogs and their reactions, and working with each dog and handler team as individuals. I highly recommend him.”