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French Ring

The dog ring sport was first started in Belgium in 1896. France developed it’s own ring sport in the 1930’s. Both disciplines have evolved considerably overtime. French Ring is the most commonly practiced here in the United States where it is organized by the North American Ring Association (NARA) which reports to the French Société Centrale Cannine (SCC).

To participate in French Ring Sport, a dog must first pass the Certificat de Sociabilité et d’Aptitude à l’Utilisation (Certificate of Sociability and Aptitude for Work) temperament test. French Ring Sport defines three earned levels, after earning a Brevet (Certificate) for Dogs of defense; Ring I, Ring II and Ring III. Each introduces progressively more difficult situations and makes greater demands from the dog. The trial is divided into three sections: Jumps, obedience,and protection.



Lionel Ocar

Bio on Lionel Ocar: Born 1972

I am born in the Ring world as my father was a decoy and had a dog in ring 3. He was champion in 1975 and 1977. I spent my youngers years on fields , mainly on the Palavas field. When I was 15 yr I decided to become a decoy because I was bored just watching my father having a good time with dogs. My father told me that if I passed the decoy selection and I will pass my judge agreement then we can have fun together, I passed my decoy selection Level 1 at 16 yr.

1988: I did 2 trials then I had to wait until 18 yo because of changing rules, then I passed my level 2.

I learned from Jean Marc Teulé who was a famous decoy at this period he is now a famous breeder and trainer. I also use is finale suit as decoy: (1990)

During this time I was learning my passion, decoying for all the ring member’s twice a week.

1993: I was sectioned for selectif as decoy. Obviously I did it with my father.

1994: I was in the Army and worked with Mr. Eric Cavaillé on the Gendrarmerie dog center. I was training the first training  phase of intervention dogs for GIGN (French intervention force). This link is a presentation : , that’s mean dog physical training and upper biting (shoulder).

At the same time I was authorized to train myself ,to prepare the finale as decoy , that’s was I did with E.Cavaillé, he trained me to complete my decoy skill.

In 1995 I did the finale ring in Bondoufle  and in 1996 I was selected to come to Seattle for doing the NARA championship, there is where I met Pierre Lafond who organized the trial inTacoma (and so many other nice people …that I don’t remember the name…my apology ).

Then I had to do a break for my work, as CAD engineer in the automotive world I worked in Germany and Italy for 6 years.

I did Ring in Torino, with my friends and breeders “la maschera di ferro” (the iron mask)

They were doing IPO, but they opened a Ring section and we had the chance to make the first Ring 3 made in Italy. I also did some ring seminars and decoy formations.

I passed my level 3 and I did another time selectif as decoy in 1999 and I was substitute for the finale ring in 2000 in Compiegne (for the story, people voted for me but I refused it because I wanted to record only the finale with my father).

In 2003 I came back to France , still training with friends but with difficulty to be present at each training because of my work. My father was ill …. I decided to stop Ring.

But a day  in 2006 I went back to a field in north east of France to meet friends and they were in need of a decoy , I decided to help them and so with my friend Jean Philippe Maerky we did that dog in 1 year – we were very proud of what we did.

I continued to build many ring 3 and selectifs dog (at least 15), with my father, Philippe touy , etc…

Then I came back to my area in south of France and 2 ½ years ago I decided to train ring dogs again.

Now I am coach, trainer and decoy in 2 fields in my area; Palavas and a private field.

All 4 dogs I trained from a puppy and are in ring 2 now and they have ring 3 program they will go next year. 2 others are in ring 3 but are old and going to stop .

I pass my decoy level 2 because my level 3 expired several years ago. I am 43 yr now it’s my last one, I would like to transmit what I learned in the suit and on the field.



German Commands

French Ring Commands


Download our version of the French Ring Sport – Brevet Test! Answers can be found in the rule book.