About Our Horses

PortiaAt Woody Acres Ranch we don’t believe in a single discipline for our horses.  We want horses that can be “all around” horses and can go from a show arena to the trails or moving cattle to the branding fire.  Our horses do a little of everything but are not limited to Dressage, Reining, Team Roping, or Cattle Sorting (either ranch style or pen style).

We also enjoy just unloading our horses and riding out onto the range in Eastern Oregon where there are no buildings to see for miles and miles.

0620151440bWe prefer to buy and start our horses as weanlings and raise them with love and respect of humans. We do lots of ground work such as loading and unloading into a horse trailer, wash rack and bathing manners, leading, grooming which includes clipping with electric clippers.  Due to the fact that I show Dressage, I start body clipping my Drums when they are as young as 6 month old so they become accustom to this – they tend to have a thicker coat than most non-draft breeds.

We also start lunging exercises as soon as we determine their bones and muscles are ready to handle small bits of work.  As part of this training we will begin working them with saddles and tarps and moving them thru and over logs on the ground so they learn where and how to place their own feet.  We want them to know they can “startle” at something noisy but “flight” is not an option.  All these things are key to a good, safe, sensible and fun riding horse.

 Here are great photos of what we like to do with our horses to prepare them for the real thing in the woods.